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When your machine is not functioning properly, you are losing revenue and potential customer goodwill. We will work with you to prioritize your repairs based on your needs. We schedule maintenance services at times convenient for your business.

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Preventative Maintenance

Before it happens!

Much like a car, coffee equipment has components that will wear and eventually fail over time if not regularly maintained. All espresso and coffee machine manufactures stress the importance of regular maintenance to keep machines working in peak performance and to prevent a catastrophic failure of your machine when you least expect it. At Colorado Coffee Techs we offer a free initial visit within 20 miles to assess the condition of your coffee equipment and determine a correct maintenance plan for you. We maintain all espresso machines, coffee brewers and coffee grinders as well as replacing or installing water filters for your equipment.


When it happens

We know how hard it is on your business when unexpected failures occur. We can have a technician out to you as soon as possible to get your machine back up and running and put your mind at ease.

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In Shop

Bring the equipment to us

Drop off your machine at our shop for a free diagnosis! We have a dedicated in shop technician to help whether you need a quick fix or a full refurbish. If you are unable to get your machine to our shop we can schedule a technician pick it up and drop it off when repairs are complete.